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Thank you for visiting Center Livestock Auction Company. Our company has a long history of marketing cattle for ranchers in East Texas and Western Louisiana. Sales are held each Wednesday at 12PM and our staff is available to receive cattle 7 days a week. Please call 936-598-4395 for barn or ranch services.

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Wednesday October 27th, 2021

Sale starts at noon

Wednesday November 3rd, 2021

Sale Starts at noon

Serving Shelby County

for over 60 Years!

Center Livestock Auction Co. is a locally owned and operated livestock marketing company that has been serving cattle producers and buyers in the Shelby County region of Texas and Louisiana for more than 60 years. Founded in the 1950’s, the Auction has developed a superior reputation within the cattle community for providing a top notch market each week, convenient and efficient services, and a true understanding of the local cattle producer’s needs.

Conveniently located in Center, Texas, our facility sits on more than 10 acres of land and is well equipped to house up to 2,500 head of cattle at any one time. On a volume basis, Center Livestock has consistently been one of the top livestock auctions in the state of Texas year in and year out dating back to inception.

Owners, Randy Lowery and Logan Lowery, are second and third generation livestock auction owners, respectively, and have affiliations with multiple auctions across the state of Texas. Such experience within the cattle industry ensures that both buyers and sellers are represented accurately and fairly at all times. Additionally, Center Livestock maintains an excellent staff with years of experience in marketing your cattle. We can provide penning, vaccinating, and hauling services to our customers in the most professional and cost effective manner, thus reducing stress on your livestock and saving you money.

Market Report

October 20, 2021

Next Sale on Wednesday, Oct. 27th at noon.

Head Count









150-300 lbs.

Steers: 130 - 205

Heifers: 125 - 170

300-400 lbs.

Steers: 122 - 205

Heifers: 115 - 166

400-500 lbs.

Steers: 114 - 176

Heifers: 105 - 164

500-600 lbs.

 Steers: 110 - 164

Heifers: 100 - 148

600-700 lbs.

 Steers: 100 -142

Heifers: 90 - 128

700 & up

 Steers: 90 - 130

Heifers: 75 - 117

Slaughter Cows

Large Frame / High Yield: 55 - 65

Med. Frame / Med. Yield: 45 - 55

Small Frame / Low Yield: 30 - 45

Slaughter Bulls

Large Frame / High Yield: 85 - 95

Med. Frame / Med. Yield: 75 - 85

Small Frame / Low Yield: 60 - 75

Stocker Cows

Young Heavy Bred: $800 - $1000

Young Light Bred: $650 - $800

Older Bred: $450 - $600


Large Pairs: $950 - $1,200

Small Pairs: $800 - $1000

Older Pairs: $650 - $900


$75 - $200 per head


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Center, TX 75935

Barn Office: 936-598-4395
Randy Lowery: 936-414-0993

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